Joshua Koltun is a general commercial litigator whose practice has focused on media, intellectual property, advertising/trade practices, unfair competition, privacy/ecommerce, and consumer law. He has experience with trial, appellate, and complex litigation in the federal and state courts.  He also counsels on licensing matters and reviews content before publication for intellectual property, defamation, privacy and related issues.

He has represented and counseled (among others) software companies, ecommerce sites, publishers and authors (of books, newspapers, magazines, online publications, electronic games, software and databases), network broadcasters, manufacturers (of networking equipment, LEDs, medical technology, jewelry, motorcycles, beverages, and cosmetics), local governments, insurance brokers, and religious, educational and charitable institutions.  He has been representing bloggers and others who publish on the internet from the very outset of internet publishing, and has particular experience defending the right to speak anonymously.

His pro bono work has included First Amendment work, civil rights litigation, a death penalty appeal, and litigation and other human rights work  in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, and most recently, Uganda.