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Marcie Hodge loses, again

East Bay Express, November 30, 2011

Discussion of Marcie Hodge lawsuit by Robert Gammon of the East Bay Express.  (Gammon and the East Bay Express were defendants, represented by Koltun)

Hodge v. Gammon

November 17, 2011

Former Oakland Mayoral candidate Marcie Hodge’s defamation lawsuit against East Bay Express is dismissed on East Bay Express’s anti-SLAPP motion.

Order Granting SLAPP Motion

[Koltun represented East Bay Express].

Art of Living Foundation v. Does

November 9, 2011

Court protects anonymity of blogger, ruling that his right to free speech outweighs Plaintiff’s interest in learning his identity.

Order preserving Skywalker anonymity

[Koltun represented Blogger. Karl Kronenberger and Jeffrey Rosenfeld of Kronenberger Rosenfeld represented Plaintiff. Paul Alan Levy of Public Citizen represented amici.]