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FAC, EFF and Wired win unsealing of documents in hip-hop website seizure case

May 15, 2012

Court unseals documents concerning Justice Department seizure of website.  [Koltun represented First Amendment Coalition]

Press Release

An Unmasking Effort Gets Gutted Some More

Technology and Marketing Law Blog, May 10, 2012

Thoughtful commentary on Court’s May 1, 2012 decision in Art of Living case.

Technology and Marketing Law Blog.

Art of Living Foundation v. Does

May 9, 2012

Court refuses to order disclosure of bloggers identity, closes discovery, and sets case for trial. Blogger allowed to go to trial anonymously.

Minute Order CMC

Feds Seized Hip-Hop Site for a Year, Waiting for Proof of Infringement

Wired, May 3, 2012

Article regarding dajaz1 seizure

Unsealed Court Records Confirm that RIAA Delays Were Behind Year-Long Seizure of Hip Hop Music Blog

Electronic Frontier Foundation, May 3, 2012

Discussion of dajaz1 seizure by Electronic Frontier Foundation, which was lead counsel in this litigation.

Judge Lets Feds Censor Blog For Over A Year So The RIAA Could Take Its Sweet Time

Techdirt, May 3, 2012

Article on dajaz1 seizure

Art of Living Foundation v. Does

May 1, 2012

Court dismisses copyright claims against bloggers.

Court Order